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Learning Center FAQ

NECA is developing the new NECA Learning Center to better serve the educational need of our membership. As this system is rolled out here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ).

How do I access the NECA Learning Center?

Click here

Or, visit http://courses.necanet.org 

From here you will be directed to sign in using your necanet.org username and password.

If you have forgotten your username or password click here »

If you are a new user click here ».

User Name (Default) = Your Individual Id   (ex. 123455)
Password (Default) = First 3 characters of your Last Name + Your Individual ID 
(ex. Jim Jones = Jon123455)
If you are having trouble logging into our site, please call us at (301) 215-4535 for assistance.

Why do I need to login to see courses?

The NECA Learning Center is customized to you. Upon login, you will see all of the courses available to you, your pricing, and past courses. 

Why do I need an email address to take courses?

The NECA Learning Center is housed within a Learning Management System that is shared with the electrical training ALLIANCE. Because email is a “unique identifier” in the system, all users must have a unique email address on file to view and take courses.

Can I sign others in my company up for training?

Yes! Accredited Representatives (or their designee) of NECA member companies can view a list of all individuals linked to their company within NECA’s membership database and register them for courses.

I'm a Chapter Staffer. Can I sign my members up for training?

Yes! Chapter Staff can view a list of all of their member companies and their employees within NECA’s membership database and register them for courses. 

Can I view my employee’s progress in training courses?

If you, as the accredited representative or designee, registered them for the course you can view their progress. All individuals in the system can also produce certificates of completion or transcripts in PDF form of all training taken within the NECA Learning Center.

Can I print a transcript or certificate of completion?

Yes, for each course within the NECA Learning Center you can opt to print an individual certificate or you can print a transcript with several courses.

What do I do if I have questions?

You can contact the NECA Education team at education@necanet.org or by calling (301) 215-4557.