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Interested in Instructing Basic Foremanship?

Basic Foremanship course is scheduled and hosted locally, and due to the duration of the program it is likely that the instructor will need to be local as well.

Instructors for Basic Foremanship should have experience being in a foreman role, should be comfortable with the topics presented within the class and should have participated in the online modules and thoroughly reviewed the Facilitator's Guide.

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NOTE: There is no formal train-the-trainer for this course.


Course Schedule

Basic Foremanship is designed for flexible delivery. The course is divided into fifteen modules, each on a different topic. Each module has a fifteen to twenty-minute online module and approximately forty-five minutes of in-class discussion.

Course sponsors can decide how to schedule the course—anything from one module a week for fifteen weeks to several modules at a time can be scheduled, based on what is preferred locally. The sponsor may look to you for a recommendation on what you feel will work best, so keep this in mind while reviewing the course materials.


Holding the Course

Be sure to review the introduction within the Facilitator's Guide for detailed information on hosting a course.

Some key points are:

  • Participants will need to sign in for each learning group session and the same sign-in sheet should be used for all learning group sessions. A template is provided on the course resources page and you should work with the course sponsor to see who will facilitate this.
  • For each session, Field Assignments from the module(s) covered should be printed from the Facilitator's Guide and distributed to participants at the end of the session. You should work with the course sponsor to see who will facilitate this.
  • Think about if you want a flip chart, white board or chalk board for use during the class and be sure to speak to the course sponsor in advance.



Following the Course

Following the completion of the entire program the sign-in sheet must be submitted along with your Facilitator's Evaluation from the back of the Facilitator's Guide.

NECA will then prepare and issue certificates via email for individuals that have completed all of the online modules and quizzes, have completed the online evaluation, and have participated in learning group sessions for at least twelve of the fifteen modules.