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NECAVisionimgElectrical contractors count on NECA to deliver the resources that help them make better business decisions, provide excellent customer service, and take advantage of innovative technology. NECA's national office and local chapters advance the electrical construction industry through advocacy, education, research, and standards development.

Membership FAQ

Membership Begins With Your Local Chapter

We have 118 such chapters in the U.S., each serving a specific geographical area. You will need to contact your local chapter to receive a membership application. Upon approval by the local chapter, an application for your company’s membership at the national level will be submitted by the local chapter.

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Member Benefits & Services

Education & Training

NECA helps electrical contractors move ahead of competition through on-site and online management courses, practical business insight and technical resources. NECA has the information and education to help you do your job better.

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Business & Market Development

NECA works with contractors, building owners, developers, manufacturers, LMCC business development staff and NECA chapters to produce training programs, tools, publications and promotional material that position NECA contractors as a customer's full service energy solutions provider.

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Advocacy & Representation

Your voice matters when it comes to the issues, regulations and legislation that affect your business. NECA represents your company on Capitol Hill, with regulatory agencies and federal officials. Speak out and get involved with NECA’s advocacy programs.

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Events & Networking

NECA plans and produces the best events and opportunities for electrical contractors to connect with fellow professionals and industry leaders.

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Member Discounts & Services

NECA connects our members with the products and services that support their businesses. Check out exclusive NECA member value-added discounts with leading manufacturers and service providers.

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Member Groups

Network with your peers! NECA hosts leadership events and exclusive programs for select industry groups like the NECA Future Leaders, Women in NECA, Service and Maintenance contractors and the Academy of Electrical Contracting.

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Publications & Resources

Electrical contractors count on NECA to deliver the industry’s most up-to-date technical guides and e-tools. From PPE Selector to the Manual of Labor Units, NECA can help your company improve productivity, safety and accuracy.

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Tools & Apps

Electrical contractors count on NECA to deliver the industry’s most up-to-date technical guides and online tools. From the popular NECA PPE Selector app to the Labor Relations Best Practices and Wage Database, NECA can help your company improve its productivity, safety and accuracy.

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Membership FAQ

NECA membership is only available to a “firm or corporation engaged in the business of ‘electrical contracting’ … defined as the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electric wiring, devices or equipment.”

The primary services of the association are for signatory contractors who hire union (IBEW) electricians. Non-union firms may be approved for membership based upon the practice of each local chapter; however, many of our chapters do not accept non-union members. NECA does not offer any specific services for non-union employing contractors, who comprise a small percentage of our membership.

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