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Congressional Toolkit

This toolkit contains all of the information you need to invite and host a member of Congress at your business. By inviting our elected leaders to visit your facility, you can help demonstrate the importance of the electrical construction industry and the many jobs it creates and sustains.

Make the Most Out of a Meeting with Your Member of Congress Webinar

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The Invitation

  1. Identify your Member of Congress. Contact NECA for help identifying the scheduler for your Representative at NECAGovtAffairs@necanet.org.
  2. Review the 2021 legislative calendar for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. District “work” periods are the best time to schedule a visit. Be sure to take advantage of the August Recess.
  3. Send a formal invitation to the scheduler at least three weeks in advance of the proposed visit date. If you are planning a big event, such as a grand opening, provide as much notice as possible.
  4. Review NECA’s Tips for In-District Visits to make sure you are prepared for a successful meeting.
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The Visit

  1. Be sure all employees are briefed on what to expect.
  2. Share your concerns with your Representative. Feel free to utilize these issue papers and be sure to share them at the meeting.
  3. Thank your Representative for specific votes and efforts where they have supported NECA’s legislative agenda. View your Representative’s vote score for this information.
  4. Take a photo with the Representative and your staff.
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The Follow-up

  1. Thank your Representative for the visit.
  2. Tell NECA how it went. Share any action items resulting from the visit with NECA’s Government Affairs team and be sure fill out the feedback form.
  3. Send your photo to NECAGovtAffairs@necanet.org to be included in the Chairman’s Challenge.