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Invest in Our Nation’s Infrastructure


NECA contractors play a crucial role in the building and maintenance of our transportation system. Our members power our nation’s buildings, hospitals, and schools; light our highways and streets; connect transit and rail switches; install complex electrical systems at airports; operate and maintain the plants that keep our water clean, and much more. Unfortunately, a systemic failure to adequately invest in our infrastructure is taking its toll on the system. We must reverse course and properly fund investments in our transportation infrastructure. Economic studies show that every $1 billion in infrastructure investment creates 28,500 direct and indirect jobs, providing our economy and the American taxpayers with a high return on investment.

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Provide Funding to Modernize our Airports and Air Traffic Infrastructure
  • Find a Sustainable Solution to Fix the Highway Trust Fund
  • Rail Infrastructure
  • Transit Transportation
NECA's Position on Transportation Infrastructure (PDF)

Water and Waterways Infrastructure

  • Authorize and Fully Fund the Clean Water, and Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Fund Programs 
  • Support Long-Term Investment in Waterways Infrastructure 
NECA's Position on Water and Waterways Infrastructure (PDF)

Energy Infrastructure

  • Upgrade and Modernize Pipeline Infrastructure
  • Incentivize Clean and Renewable Energy Sources 

  • Streamline the Approval Process for Pipeline Infrastructure 

  • Increase the Deployment of Combined Heat and Power and Waste Heat to Power 

  • Promote Development of Energy Storage Technologies 
NECA's Position on Energy Infrastructure (PDF)

Grid Infrastructure

  • Invest in Transmission Line Infrastructure and Smart Grid Technology