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Contracting Reform


Small businesses are the foundation of our economy. In fact, the typical electrical contracting firm size is classified as a small business, with 80 percent having less than ten employees. NECA supports legislation that would help increase opportunities for small businesses, prevent government waste and fraud, and provide a framework for growth in the construction industry by promoting efficient federal government procurement through simple, no-cost solutions.

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NECA Legislative Paper - Procurement Reform 2018
  • Establish a Statute of Repose for Federal Construction Projects 
  • Reform the Administration of Change Orders 
  • Support Bid Listing to Ensure Transparency in Federal Construction 
  • Prohibit Utilization of Reverse Auctions for the Procurement of Construction Contracts 
  • Ensure Payment Protections for Construction Subcontractors and Suppliers Performing under Public-Private Partnerships on Federal Construction 
  • Eliminate future indexing of Federal Miller Act 
  • Improve the Design-Build Construction Process 
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