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Getting anything done in Washington may seem like a longshot at times, but the Women2Women tour has helped produce action on legislation to provide better mental health care, combat the opioid epidemic, and end human trafficking in the United States.

Women2Women has built a reputation as an agent of change in the halls of Congress and our new goal is to use that momentum to help empower and improve outcomes for women entrepreneurs.

SarahChamberlainSPEAKER BIO

Sarah Chamberlain, President & CEO, Republican Main Street Partnership 

Activist, entrepreneur, public speaker, Washington D.C. powerbroker, and passionate advocate of women’s political engagement — Sarah Chamberlain plays many roles. As President and CEO of Republican Main Street Partnership, Sarah leads an organization that supports the governing wing of the Republican Party in Congress. She is the only woman in the country who serves as the CEO of a major Republican organization. As the creator and facilitator of the Women2Women National Conversations Tour, Sarah has become one of the most important national voices calling for women to become more involved in the political process. 

A native of upstate New York, Sarah received her undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Delaware and is a graduate of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University. She has written for the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and other national publications and is a frequent guest on national media programs. She was chosen by CQ Roll Call as a 2017 Rising Star, and featured as one of Elle Magazine’s 10 Women in Washington in 2017. 

In 1997, Sarah moved to Washington to become the first Executive Director of the John Quincy Adams Society, and shortly thereafter helped found the Republican Main Street Partnership. 

Over the course of two decades, Sarah has built Republican Main Street Partnership from a fledgling organization into a thriving network of almost eighty members of Congress and prominent leaders from across business, education, and industry. Main Street’s members share Sarah’s commitment to conservative, pragmatic government as well as compassion in our communities and character in our national leaders. Main Street is dedicated to electing and defending legislators who will govern effectively in the Republican tradition. Republican Main Street Partnership and its members are solutions-oriented fiscal realists, advancing positive policies that can command bipartisan support. 

Sarah’s experiences as a woman involved in politics — and her frustrations with Capitol Hill gridlock — led her to start the Women2Women National Conversations Tour in 2014. The tour brings Congresswomen together with women across the country to spark dialogue between legislators and everyday citizens about how women are personally affected by what happens in government, and takes those ideas back to Washington. Sarah urges women to educate themselves about politics and get involved by voting, taking part in local and national campaigns, and even running for office themselves. In this spirit of civic engagement, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Women Campaign School at Yale University, and is a National Capital Trustee of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. She is also currently serving as a Fellow in George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Sarah Chamberlain firmly believes that more women participating in politics at all levels will lead to better and less adversarial government, and she is a unique and powerful woman’s voice in the American political debate. 

To reach Sarah Chamberlain, please contact Will Smith at will@rmsp.org or 202-393-4353. 

Follow her posts on Facebook, Twitter, and her Main Street Advocacy blog, or see her on the Women2Women Tour. 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarahchamberlainw2w 

Twitter: @MainStreetSarah, @sarahcw2w 

Instagram: mainstreetsarah 

Main Street Advocacy Blog: http://mainstreetadvocacy.com/blog/ 

Women2Women National Conversations Tour: http://mainstreetadvocacy.com/women/ 


Washington, D.C. is a man’s town. Eighty percent of the Congress is male, even though women are 53 percent of the electorate. Men dominate the capital’s political and policy establishments. Republican women like myself have an even tougher time in Washington because there are fewer of us; women make up nearly a third of Democrats in Congress, but only a tenth of Republicans.

The barriers women face in Washington do not stop at the beltway. Entrepreneurship and the ability to start, own, and operate your own business is a hallmark of the American Dream. This dream doesn’t come easily and requires a great deal of hard work, but sadly, women have a disproportionately more difficult time breaking into small business. They face social, legal, and economic barriers that keep many women from being successful in this pursuit.

American women own and operate 9.4 million companies that employ 7.9 million people and generate $1.4 trillion in sales. Many female entrepreneurs have the desire and skills to expand their businesses but they lack the resources; most notably, they lack sufficient access to capital. A recent Senate report on women entrepreneurs found that, despite making up over 30% of private business owners, women receive a paltry 4% of commercial loans and experience similar discrepancies across most forms of business investment. This is an unacceptable paradigm. There are several legislative efforts we plan to champion that can and will close this gender investment gap.