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Women in NECA

Women In NECA was established to provide a collaborative forum for women affiliated with NECA-member companies, chapters and LMCCs.

WIN supports the professional development of women working in the electrical contracting industry through educational and networking events; promotes diversity in the industry; and encourages women to explore careers in the electrical contracting industry. WIN works to make NECA and our industry stronger by advancing women’s goals for professional growth.

The goal of WIN is to bring these trends together in a way that supports the professional growth of industry women. When a woman joins WIN, her company, chapter or LMCC is directly supporting her desire to be a successful employee and industry leader.

By encouraging women within your organization to participate, you will:

  • Empower them to become a leader of the industry;
  • Make connections with peers, industry leaders and innovators;
  • Explore tools and techniques for being more productive and efficient on the job; and Invest their time and energy in helping  your organization become more successful.



Jennifer Woods (United Electric Co., Marietta, GA)


Tracy Harness (Northwest Line Constructors Chapter)
Angie Hart (Rosendin Electric, San Jose, CA)
Seaen Kosmides (OlympiaTech, Plymouth, MN)

WIN works to make NECA and our industry stronger by advancing women’s goals for professional growth.


Members are industry innovators; company owners and executives; financial and human resource managers; future leaders and administrative professionals who want to help their companies, 
chapters and organizations succeed.


Since 2009, many professional women in our industry have rapidly moved into focus. Electrical contracting is evolving with new technology and customer demands; the way contractors think of their business is also shifting.