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NECA Future Leaders


In 1990, NECA developed and presented its first Future Leaders Conference. This was a very important milestone in NECA’s history in that this program was developed for the new, emerging leaders of NECA’s electrical contractor members. NECA’s Executive Committee recognized that in order for the association to continue its leadership role in the electrical construction industry, it would have to prepare a cadre of young mid-career executives to assume the future leadership positions in their companies as well as in their local and national association.

The first conference was held at Stone Mountain, Georgia, where 45 participants attended a three-day conference. The conference was designed to take attendees away from their day-to-day pressures and create a unique forum for future-thinking leaders. The forum allowed the participants to come together, to meet, discuss and plan effectively for the major challenges facing the electrical construction industry in the next century. The major purpose of the conference was to identify the future leaders of NECA electrical contractors as well as the future leaders of local chapters and the national organization. The participants discussed issues that affected their companies and their local associations. 

*Cited from the book “Empowering an Industry – One Hundred Years of National Electrical Contractors Association”


The purpose of the program is to cultivate the next generation of electrical contractors, as well as the next generation of NECA’s leadership. NECA's Future Leaders connects emerging professionals by offering events focused on networking and discussions topics to enhance their leadership skills and increase their involvement within the association, community and the industry. 

Developed by NECA, The Future Leaders program is organized by a steering committee of younger NECA member contractors. The program offers up-and-coming professionals an opportunity to network with their peers and a chance for them to consider the challenges their companies, industry and association will face in the future. 


Activities are open to all emerging electrical construction industry professionals employed by a NECA member company or chapter.

To be placed on the Future Leaders mailing list and receive information on upcoming events and future activities, send Wanessa Alves an email at wa@necanet.org.


  • To encourage networking among peers
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas
  • To enhance participants knowledge though programs selected by peers to help them stay current with industry trends and best practices
  • To generate ideas that encourage innovation to benefit the participant’s business, association and industry.
  • To promote member participation in association programs and strengthen NECA's community for generations to come.

Members of the NECA Future Leaders Task Force include:

Ryan Boell  (Christenson Electric, Portland, Oregon)
Todd Grossweiler  (Allison-Smith Company, LLC, Smyrna, GA)
Randi Hardin  (Miller Electric Company, Jacksonville, FL)
Christopher TenEyck  (Connelly, Electric, Adison, IL)