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A completed nomination package includes four distinct parts, as follows:

  1. The Nomination for Fellowship Form must be completed online through the Academy website, click here to access nomination form    Click here for help

  2. A Distinguished Service Narrative that demonstrates that the nominee has “rendered to the industry, either nationally or locally, services so outstanding and exceptional as to be beyond any normal call of duty or loyalty”. Click here to learn more about this requirement

  3. Certain Letters are required, depending upon who is endorsing a nominee (an Academy Fellow and/or chapter officer. Click here for more about this requirement

  4. Click here to see requirements for the nominee photo.

NOTE: Narrative documents may be submitted separately or together. But, ALL parts are to be submitted electronically!

The deadline for submitting the package to the Academy Staff is March 1 as required by the Rules of the Academy, section 4

Knowing that people are often rushed trying to gather and complete all the parts of the nomination package, we allow some flexibility with the March 1 deadline. However, to earn this “flexibility”, the completed form and a draft of the narrative must be received by the March 1 deadline. Any remaining information must be submitted no later than March 15, unless specific written exemption from the Academy provides for a later date.

For Assistance:

Secretary of the Jury of Fellows, John Grau will work with nominators to achieve their goal of submitting an acceptable nomination package for their nominee. Experience tells us that completing a detailed distinguished service narrative - beginning with a blank sheet of paper - is a very challenging assignment.

Grau is charged with the assignment of initial review and verification of the accuracy of certain information on the form (examples include membership in the Association, service on National committees, etc.) He also reviews nominations for “evidence of exceptional service”. Should he find situations where the distinguished service narrative does not appear to adequately present such “service”, he will contact the nominator to discuss ways the nomination package might be improved.

It is suggested that you submit a draft of your narrative to Grau in advance of the March 1 deadline for review and comment.


Contact John Grau at 301-466-5411 or jmg@necanet.org.