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Welcome back,

Welcome to the Academy Nomination Portal

The Academy of Electrical Contracting is always seeking to add qualified individuals to Academy Fellowship - by honoring them for their “outstanding and exceptional” services rendered to the electrical contracting industry.

Before you begin:

Warning: This is NOT a quick process!

»  The review and acceptance by the Jury of Fellows was specifically designed to be a thoughtful and deliberate process. It takes a minimum of 20 months from the time you decide to nominate an individual until they are installed as a Fellow (at the NECA Convention)! See the specific language here

Think about who is making the nomination?

»  You need to determine if the nomination is being made by a chapter, two Fellows of the Academy, or a combination of these.

Confidentiality in the process should not be overlooked.

»  A critical part of the review and selection process is avoiding any potential embarrassment of a nominee that is not unanimously selected by the Jury. This can be an ugly problem for the nominator, if your nominee knows of their nomination and is not accepted!

Be Aware:

In a normal year, ten to twenty-five percent of the nominees will not receive unanimous approval on their first review (meaning that they are rejected).

Normally the Jury will suggest that a nomination be re-submitted - with additional information included (or explained). When a nomination does not receive unanimous approval at its first review, and is subsequently resubmitted, the resubmission is still considered to be the “first review” - as far as the requirement for being approved twice (at consecutive meetings).

In other words, a nomination cannot be considered for a “second review” until it has passed a first review.