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JStufflebeem00Take an average kid from a nomadic military family and thrust him into some very dynamic situations and you get some kind of life. John Dickson "Boomer" Stufflebeem has led just this kind of life. As a teenager growing up in a Navy family living at beaches, he became a lifelong surfer and athlete. He attended the US Naval Academy even though some said he was not smart enough. He played football for Navy and then for the NFL Detroit Lions even though being told he was not good enough. He had earned the nickname “Boomer” punting in the Superdome and hitting the jumbo-tron over the field. He traded uniforms and became “Boomer” the fighter pilot flying F-14 Tomcats and F-18 Hornets off aircraft carriers around the world after being advised he was too big.

And along the way some interesting things happened to John. He got to fly with the Israeli Air Force during a special tour. He was picked as an aide to then President George H.W. Bush carrying the nuclear football for “#41”. He flew Jimmy Buffett in a jet fighter and then with Jimmy in his seaplane almost being convinced to leave the Navy to be Jimmy’s senior pilot. But war called.

Being put in command of a fighter squadron, then a carrier air wing, a carrier strike group, and ultimately the US 6th Fleet, “Boomer” went to war in the Balkans, the Middle East, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa. Serving long enough to be appointed an admiral, John became the face and voice from the Pentagon of military operations after the attacks of 9/11. As a task force commander for the north of Iraq, he led forces winning 80,000 to nothing—not a single US warrior was lost. He also suffered through tours working in the corporate headquarters of the Pentagon and with the National Security Council. In the end, he missed eight years of his being with his family going around the world and in the words of his past, “going to bad places on this planet and doing bad things to bad people—which were good days for us.”

But then John retired from what was supposed to have been a short military career whereupon his rookie coach when he was a rookie player, Bill Belichick, brought “Boomer” back into the NFL. Since then he was worked for the New England Patriots and Houston Texans as well as the NFL Players Association and players such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, JJ Watt, Drew Brees, Vince Wilfork, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and coaches including Bill Belichick, Bill O’Brien, Josh McDaniel, Romeo Crennel, Matt Patricia, George Godsey and many others.

A lifetime member of the NFL Players Association, John is an independent consultant today in crisis and strategic management communications having founded the NJS Group in Alexandria, Virginia. He has worked on behalf of wounded warriors and former NFL players suffering the ravages of traumatic brain injury/concussions. He has donated his brain and spine to the research of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE but hopes the researchers do not call for them before he is done using them. He has been a FOX News national security contributor.

He consults for a broad array of clients nationally and though he is a former professional football player and retired Navy admiral, does not feel the need to hold on to any titles. It is what he did and not who he is or even was. He was an average kid who found himself in some extraordinary circumstances and lived some kind of life more light-hearted than serious, more humorous than sad, more difficult than it should have been, and more rewarding than he deserves.

Today, John not only consults to help others improve their professional or personal lives through the lessons learned from his life, but he enjoys being an amateur Do-It-Yourselfer. His life’s motto today is “Keeping My Women Happy” as he tends to the houses and cars of his wife of 42 years, two daughters and five grandkids. As a testament to his healthy respect for electricity and wiring learned from his Master Electrician father-in-law, he is here today to be with you and share some kind of life.

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