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National Employees Benefit Board

By collective bargaining in 1946, the electrical contracting industry developed a modest pension plan. A pioneering step in an industry of intermittent and transitory employment patterns, the Employees Benefit Agreement set a national uniform pattern for the industry. The National Employees Benefit Board determines policies and procedures for the administration of the Agreement. It is composed of equal representations of employers and employees. NECA’s President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, appoints the NECA representatives.

2021 National Employees Benefit Board Roster

  • Dennis F Quebe, Co-Chair, & NECA Representative on Board of Trustees
    Chapel Electric Co LLC
    Dayton, OH
  • David Long, Co-Chair & NECA Representative on Board of Trustees
    Chief Executive Officer
    NECA Inc
    Washington, DC
  • Scott Bringmann
    Vice President District 6
    Alcan Electrical & Eng Inc
    Anchorage, AK
  • Larry Beltramo
    Rosendin Electric Inc
    San Jose, CA
  • Gregory A Rick
    Vice President District 7
    Rick Electric
    Moorhead, MN
  • Michael McPhee
    Vice President Disctric 1
    McPhee Electric Ltf
    Farmington, CT
  • Todd A Mikec
    Vice President District 2
    Lighthouse Electric Co Inc
    Canonsburg, PA
  • Earl Restine Jr
    Vice President District 9
    Fuller Electric Corporation
    San Diego , CA
  • Kirk Davis
    Vice President District 3
    Bob Davis Electric Company inc
    Shreveport, LA
  • Jody Shea
    Vice President District 10
    Service Electric Company
    Chattanooga, TN
  • Craig Clark
    Vice President District 8
    Dynalectric Colorado
    Lakewood, CO
  • David Nielsen
    Vice President At Large
    Parsons Electric LLC
    Minneapolis, MN
  • Vincent Real
    Vice President Distric 5
    Big State Electric
    San Antonio, TX
  • David Washebek
    Vice President District 4
    Lemberg Electric Company
    Brookfield, WI