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The Executive Committee is a committee of the Board of Governors. It is comprised of 12 member officers of the Association (elected by the Board of Governors) and four staff officers (in an advisory capacity) who when meeting as this Committee, does so as officers of the National Association with the goal of implementing the objectives, policies and programs set by the Board of Governors. The committee reports to, and is subject to instructions from, the Board of Governors. The committee shall meet at least three times each year.

This Committee has the following specific duties:

  • Appoints the Chief Executive Officer, who has the responsibility to administer and execute the assets, affairs, programs and policies of the Association subject to review and control of the Executive Committee
  • Appoints the Chief Operating Officer and the Secretary-Treasurer
  • Serves as the Labor Relations Committee of the Association
  • Serves as the Budget and Finance Committee and oversees Reserve Fund
  • Serves as Presidential Nominating Committee
  • Approves members selected by the President to serve on standing committees under chairmen appointed by the President
  • Appoints the Vice President at Large
  • Selects the place and time for the convention
  • Approves chapter charters and determines their jurisdiction
  • Authorized to suspend or revoke chapter charters for cause
  • Authorized to suspend or revoke membership for cause
  • Determines national awards
Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Roster