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How To Nail Project Interviews - Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter | Thursday, October 6th, 2022


  • Location: Penn-Del-Jersey Chapter, 2003 Renaissance Blvd, King of Prussia, PA, US

Your team gets invited to interview for a project and now you are scrambling to assemble the best team possible, in a limited amount of time, to connect with the audience panel.  Don’t lose the opportunity to win the business because of bad preparation and poor (or no) presentation practice. You and your team you will take away specific techniques and tactics to improve your interview presentations. This class will benefit those with 1 or 20 plus years of experience.

The objective of this one day interactive and engaging Training Seminar is to increase the presentation skills of your team when educating, informing and influencing any audience. Target Audience: owners, managers, salespersons or any company representative who presents or communicates to customers. Instructor: Dave Ashcraft, Advanced Learning Systems, Inc.

In this 8 hour highly interactive class you will learn the following: 
1. Presentation preparation, awareness, techniques, and leadership 
2. How to present verbally, with PowerPoint, whiteboard, and/or supporting materials
3. Distracting appearance and auditory behaviors and how to reduce them 
4. How to connect each team member to the audience by using relevant examples and stories 
5. How to avoid the Project Executive talking the entire time 
6. Proven approaches to get your presentation off the ground and to land it effectively 
7. How to tell a better story.  “Pictures or worth a thousand words, stories are worth a thousand pictures”