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In 1925, James. H. McGraw, principal in the McGraw-Hill empire, established an annual award to encourage constructive thinking for the advancement of the electrical industry. From 1925–1990, this award was sponsored by McGraw-Hill. In 1991, NECA was granted permission by the McGraw family to assume sponsorship of the Award for electrical contracting.

The James H. McGraw award is given in recognition of the most important personal contribution of progress in the electrical industry. To qualify, the candidate shall have contributed an idea or constructive service to the advancement of the industry, over and above their own responsibilities toward their company's progress.

Nominations are accepted no later than May 1, and the Award is announced after the Executive Committee's decision at their June meeting.

NECA McGraw Award

Year Recipient Location
2021 Henry Brown Jacksonville, FL
2020 Donald G. Laffoon Raytown, MO
2019 Greg Gossett Indianapolis, IN
2018 Skip Perley Sioux City, IA
2017 Steve Diamond Skokie, IL
2016 Sonja Rheaume Portland, OR
2015 George Adams Portland, OR
2014 Stan Lazarian Pasadena, CA
2013 Mark Mazur Tampa, FL
2011 Daniel Palmer Davenport, IA
2010 Jonathan "Russ" Borden South Florida Chapter
2009 Max Landon Portland, OR
2008 Larry Cogburn Jacksonville, FL
2007 Ron Autrey Jacksonville, FL
2006 David F. Firestone Lincoln, NE
2005 Not Awarded  
2004 Jerrold H. Nixon Skokie, IL
2003 Douglas L. Olson Brooklyn Park, MN
2002 Charles E. Mink, Jr. Knoxville, TN
2001 Hugh D. “Buz” Allison Portland, OR
2000 Edward T. McPhee, Jr. Farmington, CT
1999 Richard R. Pieper, Sr. Milwaukee, WI
1998 James J. McGlynn, Sr. Lombard, IL
1997 D.L. Smith Topeka, KS
1996 Albert G. Wendt Phoenix, AZ
1995 Walter T. Parkes Victor, NY
1994 Gary Price Portland, OR
1993 Eugene C. Gini Stockton, CA
1992 Jack Buttrum Evansville, IN
1991 Robert L. Pfeil South Bend, IN
1990 Moyes Lucas Everett, WA
1989 Edwin B. Coughlin, Jr. Worcester, MA
1988 J. Robert Pritchard Huntington, WV
1987 Arthur M. Tieso St. Paul, MN
1986 Robert L. Wilkinson Rockville, MD
1985 Richard G. Biermann Des Moines, IA
1984 Clyde Beimfohr Granite City, IL
1983 H.E. Autrey Jacksonville, FL
1982 Robert L. Bauer Philadelphia, PA
1981 Fred B. Sargent Pittsburgh, PA
1980 Frank H. Bertke Cincinnati, OH
1979 Carl T. Hinote Beaumont, TX
1978 Emerson Hamilton Eugene, OR
1977 Charles W. Stroupe Charlotte, NC
1976 Gerald Wadleigh Indianapolis, IN
1975 Robert W. Colgan Toledo, OH
1974 C.C. Weiss Denver, CO
1973 Davis H. Elliot Roanoke, VA
1970 Richard W. Osborn St. Louis, MO
1969 Kurt Brammer Chicago, IL
1968 Paul L. Briggs Spokane, WA
1967 Floyd McCarty Columbus, OH
1966 Wallace J. O'Brien Des Plaines, IL
1965 Charles I. Berrell Salt Lake City, UT
1964 Norman D. Ferguson San Diego, CA
1963 Harold A. Webster New York, NY
1962 Charles P. Bobe St. Louis, MO
1961 Charles W. Mosley Charlotte, NC
1960 Denis J. Crimmins New York, NY
1955 Don B. Clayton Birmingham, AL
1954 Oliver F. Burnett Pinetop, AZ
1953 E.C. Carlson Youngstown, OH
1948 Laurence W. Davis Oakland, CA
1947 J. Walter Collins Chicago, IL
1946 George Andrae Milwaukee, WI
1941 Robert W. McChesney Washington, DC
1940 A. Lincoln Bush New York, NY
1939 Ralph M. Walker Atlanta, GA
1937 George W. Patterson Toronto, CAN
1931 George D. Munger Poughkeepsie, NY
1930 Louis Kalischer Brooklyn, NY
1929 John H. Kuhlmeyer Chicago, IL
1928 N. Jay Biddle Detroit, MI
1927 Joseph A. Fowler Memphis, TN
1926 Louis K. Comstock New York, NY