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Comstock Award

This Award was established by the National Electrical Contractors Association in 1959, announced in the form of a testimonial to Louis K. Comstock, New York City, an Honorary Member of the Association since 1941. Comstock was the NECA member credited with helping to establish the Council on Industrial Relations.

Each year, the Comstock Award is presented to a NECA member who has made the greatest contribution in the field of Labor Relations. This person shall have contributed an idea or performed a service which has proven to be particularly beneficial in the Labor Relations field.

Nominations are accepted no later than May 1, and the Award is announced after the Executive Committee's decision at their June meeting.

NECA Comstock Award

Year Recipient Location
2021 Larry Beltramo San Jose, CA
2020 Shane Snyder Phoenix, AZ
2019 Mark Walter Portland, OR
2018 Edward Witt, Jr. Jacksonville, FL
2017 Joseph Tucci Puyallup, WA
2016 Hermon Milton Baker, LA
2015 Dennis Quebe Dayton, OH
2014 Rex Ferry Warren, OH
2013 Tim Gauthier Portland, OR
2011 John R. Colson Houston, TX
2010 John Negro Cedar Rapids, IA
2009 Rod Borden Miami, FL
2008 Jerry Nixon Skokie, IL
2007 Robert J. Bruce New Castle, PA
2006 Robert Egizii Springfield, IL
2005 Walter T. Parkes Victor, NY
2004 Edward E. Witt, Sr. Jacksonville, FL
2003 James L. Peterson Colorado Springs, CO
2002 Terry R. Butz Rolling Meadows, IL
2001 Franklin D. Russell Mobile, AL
2000 D. L. Smith Topeka, KS
1999 E. A. Pastor Daytona Beach, FL
1998 Jerome S. Hill Madison, WI
1997 J. R. Cleveland, Jr. Atlanta, GA
1996 William J. "Doc" Weaver Salt Lake City, UT
1995 Lester O. Wuerfl, Jr. New York, NY
1994 Albert G. Wendt Phoenix, AZ
1993 Leo Weber St. Paul, MN
1992 Robert Doran Leavenworth, KS
1991 Thomas R. Hanlon, Jr. Monroeville, PA
1990 Morton D. Hoffman New York, NY
1989 Emerson Hamilton Eugene, OR
1988 Robert W. Haines Shawnee, KS
1988 William N. Cooper Evansville, IN
1988 Robert L. Bauer Philadelphia, PA
1987 Robert B. Hoppe Shreveport, LA
1986 Mark W. Hughes McLean, VA
1985 Wesley C. Ohman St. Paul, MN
1984 Robert L. Higgins Bethesda, MD
1983 Aldo P. Lera San Francisco, CA
1982 Frank H. Bertke Cincinnati, OH
1981 William Sloan Griffin Ownesboro, KY
1980 Frank Hawkins Mobile, AL
1979 H.E. Autrey Jacksonville, FL
1978 William F. Hillsman San Mateo, CA
1977 Robert W. Colgan Toledo, OH
1976 Charles L. Scharfe, Jr. New York, NY
1975 Charles C. Nelson Lubbock, TX
1974 Dr. John T. Dunlop Washington, DC
1973 Charles Scholibo Kerrville, TX
1971 S.J. Cristiano Jamestown, NJ
1970 L. R. McCord Southfield, MI
1969 Stanley S. Adams Portland, OR
1968 William F. Miller Baytown, TX
1967 Dan M. Gephart St. Paul, MN
1966 James Lowry Coral Gables, FL
1965 Harold A. Webster New York, NY
1964 P.M. Geary Bethesda, MD
1963 Jim L. McClure Dallas, TX
1962 Milton Staub Columbus, OH
1961 John S. Clark Santa Fe, NM
1960 E. R. Edenfield Nashville, TN